Branding Your Corporate Uniform: How to Make Clothes Speak for Your Business

Creating a corporate uniform for your business has many benefits. For one thing, it promotes teamwork and instills a sense of belonging among your employees. For another, customers find uniformed workers more trustworthy. Uniforms are also a great way to reinforce your brand: staff members advertise your business whenever they wear their corporate clothing.

Your company uniform becomes an effective means of branding for your business when it is attractive and instantly recognizable. Here’s how to make that happen.

Incorporate Company Colours

Color is the first thing people will notice and remember about your uniforms. For this reason, it’s a good idea to identify the colors strongly associated with your company and incorporate these into the uniforms. These hues can be used in details like piping or patches, or they may form the entire outfit. Just make sure that the fabric matches your brand colors to a tee!

The Logo Says It All

The company logo makes everything more professional and official. You should always incorporate it in the design of your uniform, whether it’s small on the left breast of a shirtfront or displayed wide across the back. Embroidery is an elegant, hardwearing option for smaller logos, while screen printing is the go-to for large or complicated designs. Logos 4 Polos always recommend Embroidery over printing.

Make It Distinctive

Customers often think of businesses as “that place where the waiters wear red” or “the shop where they have a dancing blue cow on their shirts”. They’ll also use such terms to describe your company to their friends. This is why your uniform needs to be distinctive.

Go the extra mile to make sure the design of your uniform stands out, while still reflecting your company’s desired image. Unique patterns or trademark prints make a bold statement, but even a simple white shirt can be made more recognizable with details picked out in the company colors.

Always Have Options

It’s always wise to have options. You may want to have a casual uniform for everyday wear, and a more formal version for special events. You should also consider what your employees will wear when the seasons change. Having company jackets or sweaters will keep your brand visible even when you have to cover up during the cold months. Similarly, a summer uniform with shorter sleeves and lighter materials will be a godsend when it’s hot.

Ask for Employee Input

Asking for employee input is a very important part of a uniform’s design process – after all, they’re the people who’ll be wearing it! Seek their input so that your uniform will be functional and comfortable in addition to being effective company branding.