Leaflets for your Business…

The 21st century has brought about many forms of advertising. In the past, advertising was limited to print, radio, and television. Now, there is the Internet as a medium for advertising. Over the years, online advertising has been gaining popularity because of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These sites are able to reach a wider audience because more people are online nowadays compared to people reading newspapers or watching television. There is indeed a decline in forms of print advertising, such as those in magazines and newspapers. Yet, there is one form of print advertising that is still effective, depending on the product, and is actually comparable to online advertising: leaflet marketing.

Leaflet marketing involves advertising a product or service through printed materials like a flyer, brochure, coupon, and the like. These are delivered by mail, attached to a newspaper or other printed materials, placed on bulletin boards or vehicles, or simply handed out to potential customers.

Over the years, people have perceived these leaflets as junk, especially if it is something not personally requested by the receiver. Sadly, these are easily thrown away, failing to relay the message to the reader or if read, does not usually have long-term impact on the reader. Unless the flyer offers a promotion or a discount, it is usually forgotten, especially if the person is disinterested.

On the other hand, if done properly, leaflet marketing can actually work for businesses. For one, this form of advertising is quite simple and inexpensive to produce, in contrast to television or radio advertisements that are major productions. Second, leaflets can actually reach a certain market not usually reachable by television or even by the Internet. This is a specific niche where these people are not very Internet-savvy or do not watch TV often. Third, leaflets produce an immediate response. Simply put, if the person is interested in the product or service, he or she will take the action suggested in the flyer: buy now to avail of the promo or use the service, or even refer to a family member.

To make leaflet marketing work, you have to consider three things: design and message, area of distribution, and schedule for distribution. A company like Essex Distributions would take care of this…For design and message, try to design it to make it attractive enough for the reader to read on. Keep the message simple and always end with a call to action. Leaflet marketing works well for local businesses, be it a restaurant, laundry service or taxi company. Plan the location where the leaflet will be distributed. Consider the suitable time when most of the target audience can receive your leaflet. This way, money, time and effort are not wasted.

Think about this: if the Internet can reach a worldwide market, leaflets can reach an even more specific market. Plus, there is an immediate response on the leaflet, as opposed to the Internet, depending on the purpose of the advertisement. Why wait so long for potential customers, when they are just waiting outside the door?